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Karen's Botanicals formulates a variety of exquisite creams to meet the needs of various skin types and texture preferences. Our collection of six cosmetic creams can be used for both face and body, and are intensely moisturizing for the parched and maturing skin type. We include lighter versions for sensitive skin and still, another which is quickly absorbing for the oily skin type needing aid for aging skin.

These creams are filled with all sorts of goodness while avoiding what we believe are potentially harmful parabens, synthetic preservatives, and petroleum-based products. Karen's Botanicals products are full of beneficial emollients such as Evening Primrose, Borage Seed, and Vitamin-rich oils, Aloe Vera, Cocoa, and Shea Butter, containing high levels of Essential Fatty Acids. These ingredients act as anti-oxidants to reduce the effects of aging and weather-damaged skin.

All Karen's Botanicals' creams have a life span of 12 months unless otherwise noted because unlike commercial brands, our moisturizers do not have all of those pesky synthetic chemicals extend the life of skin care creams. Make a note of your purchase dates and use your creams within one year of purchase.

Commercially created creams must have a long life span. A commercial brand must be stored indefinitely. Creams, sprays, serums, and lotions must remain in corporate warehousing, they have to survive cross-country trucking, and again they will sit in distribution warehousing, and finally, these chemical productions must be able to sit for years on store shelves. They must maintain their customer appeal, so additives, colorants, preservatives, and fragrances mimic the pure beauty of what nature does naturally.

Commercial skin care and cosmetic products will last a long time. Our products will not last for years. This lack of longevity is the trade-off for working with natural ingredients — things found in nature as unprocessed raw materials. We want straightforward elements coming directly from the good earth.